March 8, 2009

Moustaches Throughout The Universe

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Jeff (The Brown-Eyed Albino)

Moustaches are everywhere, my face, your face, even your padre's eathole has some growth! Take a look around, and I gaurantee that you'll find some spectacular specimens. But just in case 'stache stalking isn't your cup of tea, I've gone ahead and collected some links and videos, just for you! Wasn't that nice of me? Taking time off of growing my facial foliage to write the most serious post you've ever set eyes upon? Yes, I'm too kind. Enough of this silliness, and on to the unshaven!

What a lovely post, looks like these gals went out for a drink with their good friend, tape-a-stache! They even came across a gentleman who was nice enough to share with the entire community! Oh, such fluffy cheeked goodness.

Over at Suburban Kids With Arabic Names, they've released a list of 'staches for the general public. It includes such classics as the Porn Star moustache, the After Eight moustache, and even the Gringo!

Here's a beauty of an idea, vynil mustaches for your improving your environment! They provide nine different styles, at only three dollars each. Apparently, they even have the ability to manufacture CUSTOM moustachios! This means that you'll be able to have the perfect 'stache for every occasion! "Highway Billboards anyone?"

These fellows have only named their production company after the moustache, but they're still worth a quick mention.. At least they have some tribute on there.

Over at, it's a self-proclaimed "Moustached Guide to Everything." We'll let the readers decide that, but hey, she drew mustaches on babies. I'd say that's good for now, eh?

Ah, what wonders to behold! El Dia Del Mustache contains photos, videos, a quick how-to guide, moustache-forum, and even a place to submit your notbeard! They also include the option to donate, but that's neither here, nor there. Except for the fact that it actually is there. So it's neither here, nor here. Not even right here.

The American Mustache Institute is a great place to learn about our favorite moustaches! With weekly moustache videos, photos from the 'Stash Bash, Moustache Information, and much more, you might run out of thinking room! But hey, it's for the 'stache. Totally worth it.

How to grow a Handlebar Moustache. 'Nuff said.

Here's a brief, yet slightly controversial, how to grow a moustache. It tells the young ones not to shave!

I would be blaspheming the blogger if I didn't mention this Wikipedia link! Learn up!

The greatest of all months, other than Facial Hair February, isMoustache March! It's finally here! Bust out the big guns, boys, it's time to grow some hair. This official website is packed full of inspirational images, a store, even outings with their moustaches! Also, here's an alternative site..

Although this one is made by Burger King, it still deserves a shout out.
Grow and groom your own virtual moustache! Brilliant idea, and very well made. Add your own picture, and have at it!

The Quasi-Annual Mustache Contest! Nary short of pure godliness, these 'staches deserve both fame and fortune.

Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century, is a grand collection of some of the finest moustachery from the era. What a glorious day we live in, where we can access moustaches througout time, any time!

A mere 75 days till one of my favorite events, the World Beard and Moustache Championships! This must be one of the largest gatherings of lip-hedgery that I have ever seen. Some of the absolute best beard bearers and moustache muchachos come out to battle, combing their way to the top! If you're in Alaska, this is a must see. Heck, even if you're not in Alaska, get there before the 23! Dang right.

Hope you've enjoyed my collection of lip-warmers! And if you find more hair-wearers that deserve a shine, send me a tweet!

Edit: big_b_rad, of has given me permission to link to his epic 'stache! Check him out on twitter!


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