December 16, 2008

iPod Touch 2g

Well, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted anything on this blog, or even thought about it. And I must admit, my timing isn't much better this time either. Anyway, I've had an iPod Touch 2g for a while now, and I immediately started trying to jailbreak it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it wasn't possible to do that yet, so several days of work was deemed pointless after one simple search on Google. Since then, I've been doing what I could to customize my dandy device, such as getting Backgrounds, and adding different images to make it appear like it's themed (here). There's also a surprising amount of free applications, many of which are complete crap, but still, they're free.

Back to the Jailbreak, it looks like it's going to be a while longer, as expected, seeing as it's an entirely new toy. So sit back, take a nap, try and get a date, whatever, just do something to take your mind off it. Heck, you could even take your Touch for a test drive! Push it to the limits, see how much it'll hold, how long the battery lasts doing different activities, spend countless hours going through iTunes AppStore, I know I have.. And if you absolutely can't think of anything but finally getting unsigned apps on your 2g, you could monitor the Chronic Dev Teams' progress on their blog, or for more technical stuff, take a look at the Google Code link posted with this.. post.

On another note, I'm deathly afraid of cracking my iPod's screen. Someone definately needs to figure out how to finish the circuit through a hard screen cover. As far as I'm aware of, it has to conduct electricity, otherwise all of those "iPod Touch Stylus" deals across the internet would be more ridiculous than the beta jailbreak videos on youtube.