July 9, 2008

Webbernet 7.9

I've upgraded your standard Interweb to the new-fangled Webbernet 7.9! Aren't you impressed? You bloody well should be! And besides, you get to say Webbernet. So much more enjoyable than Interweb.

Oh, and be sure to check back every day to see the Headline Of The Day! It'll be that little bit of talkish-ing underneath the title.

The Sexy New Rig

Well, seeing as we're pretty much set up equipment-wise (other than software.. dang it.), I figure I could give you a non-perverted peep show at the newly dubbed, The Toast of Botswana. Yes, I named my computer The Toast of Botswana. Seemed appropriate, other than the fact that the original Toast of Botswana was also nicknamed The Rapist.. But still, it's pretty sweet, in my opinion. But I'll write more on the real The Toast later.
I do suppose you should have a brief history of myself, so you don't all end up thinking that I'm just some filthy rich snob with too much time on my hands. Quite the contrary. I'm some stone broke, pale, brown(ish) eyed, nice person, with too much time on my hands.
I'll try to make this quick and painless. Basically, I've had to deal with a considerable amount of medical issues, which lead to my not being able to have normal schooling. The school district was kind enough to promise things they were not capable of doing, so they set aside some fundage for my personal use. Long story short, I've used about half of the allotted monies to build a The Toast of my very own. And that, my friends, is how I payed for it all. But that's enough of that.
Now, on to the exciting and nerdy bits. Rather than just spewing technological nonsense all over the place, I'll just write out the specs quickly, eh?

Asus 750i SLI enabled Motherboard
Two XFX 8800 GTX SLI Graphics Cards
Two 500 Gig WD HDD's
4 Gigs of OCZ SLI enhanced memory
850 Watt Thermaltake ToughPower Power Supply
a scrap floppy drive.. joy.
LG Super-Multi Blu-Ray Burner with Lightscribe (also plays HD DVDs, but since they're obsolete...)
A sexy Apevia case, with a bunch of Cold Cathode lights strewn about (which name escapes me)
Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Speakers
IOGear Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo
Belkin Wireless USB adapter (didn't feel like hardwiring an ethernet cable throughout my house, for obvious reasons.)
Acer 22" LCD Monitor (supposedly one step away from blu-ray ready..)
ViewSonic DLP Projector
Windows XP Pro
and a pants-load of other accessories.

I should be getting CS3.3 shortly, along with a shiny new laser printer. All this makes for a very happy me. yum.
Although I still can't seem to resist hacking and modding everything. The first thing I did (after sorting out all the compatibility issues) was patch the uxtheme.dll so that Windows could run non-certified themes. I can only stand the normal blue taskbar for so long, you know. I might put a tutorial on how to do that later, eh? Or you could simply take a look at Wincustomize. There might already be a How-To on there. Another handy dandy resource is ResHacker. What that does is it opens resource files, such as Certified-Windows themes, and allows you to fiddle with its gibblets. Very useful tool in the "reverse engineering" trade.. Also nice to have in case you're a pirate and a hacker. Yarr.

Welcome to Brown-Eyed Albino's Blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! Basically, I'll just share random thoughts, maybe some useful yet outrageously amazing stuff, and a heck of a lot of nonsense. Bare with me, we're just getting started, and on all new equipment too! Once everything's adjusted, this sucker'll be ready to smack you right in your faceholes. And fear not, fellow interwebbers, smack your faceholes it will.